Herald shamed into publishing Brash response

On Thursday morning The NZ Herald published an ill informed tirade from Garth George about the 2025 Taskforce and its report. Don Brash dashed off a response to that tirade and submitted it to the Editor at the Herald Tim Murphy before lunchtime on Thursday. The response wasn’t published on either Friday or on Saturday and so Don Brash released his response to the blogs. I immediately posted it as did Home Paddock. Farrar finally got around to publishing it today after the Herald has published. A reader of mine emailed Tim Murphy on Saturday, who to his credit replied.

From: Tim Murphy <[email protected]>

Date: Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 12:31 PM
Subject: Brash
Dear reader,

The post is wrong. Don Brash was encouraged to submit a letter and he did but three times the letters page length. Consideration was being given to ?editing the letter drastically for Monday use or finding some other home for it – we run no oped contributions page on Saturdays – but it seems Don has opted to publish it elsewhere and that in itself may argue against it going in the paper as our letters and oped rules are clear on that. ?We ran the shorter Lindsay Mitchell criticism of Garth George’s column in the meantime. There has been no refusal, and Don’s note about it not going in the paper, which he courteously copied to me, does not suggest there has been.
Tim Murphy

Tim of course obfuscates as repeaters are want to do. They asked for a response fron Don Brash, he supplied it, they then decide to apply their draconian “letters” policy to it and say it is too long. Then he says that The Herald has no oped contributions on Saturday, except of course he left out Friday which does. Further its his paper, he could have put an oped piece in on Saturday if he really wanted to. he like to quote all the rules and regs but he is the fricken editor, he could have made an exception in order to put a timely response to Garth Georges egregios errors, but as you can see from his explanation decided instead to do nothing.

Now don’t get me wrong here, Don Brash doesn’t say that the Herald refused to publish it, I did, and I stand by that accusation. Tim Murphy himself says they were going to drastically edit it for Monday. Except lo and behold today they publish the letter unedited contrary to Tim Murphy’s email.

I contend that Home Paddock and I shamed the Herald into publishing it. The evidence is right there in Tim Murphy’s email.