How to get an ONZ – 101

I have had a few emails from deluded folks about my comments on Helen Clark making the Order of New Zealand. I thought I would reply to them all via a blog post.

Would Whaleoil join a club with the following members?

  • Whetu Tirkatene-Sullivan
  • Jim Bolger
  • Ken Douglas
  • Mike Moore
  • Jonathan Hunt
  • Paul Reeves
  • Owen Woodhouse
  • Cath Tizard
  • Lloyd Geering

Not bloody likely, pinkos the lot of them, I wouldn’t share my spit with them let alone have a cozy once a year dinner at Government house, which seems to be the only benefit of the silly thing. That might be something Farrar aspires to but certainly not me.

One other thing. Would the Lame Stream media repeaters stop repeating the lie that there are only ever 20 living members of the order. Right now there are 23 and that is EXCLUDING Clark. She makes it 24. She should have had to wait until there was a space.

However if you really do want to have a chance at being an ONZ or at the very least guarantee you will never be prosecuted you can buy access here.

Just wait till I tell the cops on Tuesday that I joined the Labour Party.