I call it insurance

I generally loathe Christmas, all the fake smarm and cheer, when I worked at a major bank it was even worse we had to resort to using Merry F*cking Christmas to stay sane.

I also sorted out the dreaded Christmas Card issue early on. I simply don’t send them and the people who do send them to you get in a snit and stop. You eventually only get cards from people you gardly know and you are just on the list for the secretary to fill out or, now since I am a blogger, the truly wise.

So far One Cabinet Minister and one MP have taken out their insurance by sending me a Christmas Card. They know who they are and they should know that they are safe……for now.

Also got one from Lisa Lewis, nice.

All the rest of you are now targets. So much fun to be had. In fact I think I can take this one step further and invent a new term, “Mafia Blogging”.

Cactus Kate can attest to the effectiveness of an efficient mafia. In Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong there are literally hundreds of bars and restaurants and thousands of pissed foreigners, every night of the week, non-stop. There is never any trouble either. The nonsense seen outside bars and restaurants in New Zealand is simply not tolerated. The area is “policed” by the Mafia and any pissed foreigner causing a ruckus is taken to a taxi and sent away, no fuss, no bother, business carrys on, the business of fleecing foreigners of their money in as fast a time as possible. Of course such a system requires a unique form of taxation and the businesses gladly pay because their bars are safe from the drunks, and the customers keep on coming because they think it is safe too.

So let’s apply that to blogging, I am the Boss, don’t know who appointed me but Boss I am nonetheless. Mafia Blogging works like this, and since it is new, the rules can change at my whim, I am open to suggestion. Those who “pay” the organisation get a “free ride” period, it is totally up to my discretion how long that is. It could vanish in an instance if the “client” does something incredibly stupid. The kind of payments this organisation likes are cash, booze, Cuban Cigars and even a Xmas card will get you a little leeway. Non-Payment or belonging to a different Mafia makes you a target. Capice. Right glad we cleared that up. The VRWC is dead, it is the Bloggers Mafia. Applications to join by email, if you don’t know it you aren’t likely to ever be a member.

BTW there is still 7 shopping days until Christmas.