I have a much better solution

I note in the news that the US is again reacting to a terror alert by shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. These actions are only pissing people off and won’t do anything to halt a determined terrorist.

My solution however is far better. It stops terrorism dead in its track, literally.

Just issue every passenger and every crew member with a Glock 25 (simple easy to use with little or no training) and one bullet. One bullet isn’t enough to hijack a plane and the terrorist if he/she tries will be filled with lead in about 20 seconds by the other 200 passengers. The Glock 25 is in .380 Auto which is compact and light, but has a relatively short range and less stopping power than other modern pistol cartridges. it generates only 1000 f/ps (300?m/s) muzzle velocity compare that with the traditional 9mm which generates 435?m/s (1,430?ft/s). That difference is big enough to put holes in terrorists but unlikely to penetrate an airliner cabin. You could use a .22lr pistol but with a hyped up terrorist that just might only make him angry.

You could incorporate how to shoot terrorists into the pre-flight briefing, somewhere after the seat-belt and life-jacket explanation.

The pistols can be handed in at the end of the flight as passengers leave the aircraft.

To show how easy they are to use watch these videos as a shooter loads and racks the slide with only one hand, so even cripples could do it.