It's the principle

A friend of mine was at Warehouse at the weekend buying Christmas presents. He spent a considerable amount of time selecting the gifts he wanted to give and then approached the check-out.

After standing in line for a very long time he eventually arrived at the counter and the cashier started ringing up the items. There were a few but not too many, they would all fit in one bag.

And that is where the wheels fell off.

The cashier had completed the total and said “That’ll be $350.00 thanks and would you like a bag for those”

My friend said “Yes Please, that would be handy”

The cashier responded by adding ten cents onto the bill, ny friend queried this and was told that they charged 10 cents for the bags. This was ten cents too far for my friend.

He said “take it off, you offered me a bag and I accepted, no mention was made of the charge until after I had accepted.” The cashier refused and the supervisor called. Same story. “Sorry Sir, store policy, 10c for the bag”

My friend at that point said “Well you can just go put all that stuff back on the shelf because I’m not paying for a stupid bag that costs about a tenth of a cent, I wouldn’t even pay 1 cent for it”, and promptly walked out leaving the $350.00 of goods and two goldfish mimicking staff members gaping.

He tells me it is the principle of the matter and I agree.

The Warehouse seems to want to forgo a sale of $350.00 in order to maximise their profit on a bag that would have cost then less than a tenth of a cent to but and that they sell at ten cents. Even at ten cents the bags are crap anyway, it is an affront to charge even that.