Labour's Leper

Have a care for Labour’s Leper.

Phil Twyford surely must be wondering what he has to do to get an electorate seat. He tried unsuccesfully in North Shore twice, 2005 and 2008, then was Helen’s anointed replacement until Phil Goff decided to parachute in his mate from Amman, the carpet bagger, David Shearer.

Still he didn’t get bitter he studiously set about looking for another seat with the possibility of a win and decided on Auckland Central. He even set up his office just metres up the road from Nikki Kaye’s in order to try and get some reflected glory off her and then the carpet bagger from Waikato/Tauranga/Baot of PLenty/Rotorua Jacinda Ardern gets plonked into Auckland Central to go head to head with Kaye.

Phil Twyford took yet another one for the team and so he cast about again and decided he would try to be a westie, after all it couldn’t hurt, he had tried the North Shore, Central Auckland, then Auckland Central, surely if he tried for Waitakere he’d finally be ok if he could get past Paula Bennett.

But no that was not to be, he now has to fight for the seat with Carmel Sepuloni.

It isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that poor old Phil, Labour’s Leper will be asked to stand in Pakuranga or Helensville just to make up the numbers. No longer is he just a simple carpet bagger, Phil Twyford must feel like Labour’s Leper.