Lenny and the Jets

Labour Len has outdone himself in his latest email newsletter.

There’s not one, but two pearlers that illustrate how hollow and vapid the left’s leading contender is.

Firstly, Labour Len says his city is focusing heavily on a clean and tidy city. That’s very interesting, because this blog has already pointed out that rubbish pickup is a hit and miss affair in Manukau City. With piles of rubbish lying around in suburbia, even the rats get social housing with Len Brown.

Secondly, I’d like to recommend a re-mix of Elton John’s old song “Benny and the Jets” for the Labour Len and Gruesome Sue campaign. “Lenny and the Jets” would be an outstanding anthem given Len’s own admission he intends to take off to visit Utsonimiya in Japan in February. This follows hot on the heels of Len’s whirlwhind tour of Tonga, Samoa and American Samoa earlier this year to learn about hugely important issues like, say for example, how to win the Pacific Island vote through egregious glandhanding across oceans.

Question: How much is Len and the wife’s ?travel costing the Manukau ratepayer?
2nd Question: If the ratepayer is paying for any of this, is he flying business class like Hubbard and Hucker did when they troughed the pockets of Auckland ratepayers over three years?
3rd Question: What will Manukau residents and ratepayers get from this travel? What new perspectives will he learn from visiting a town that Wikipedia says is famous for its cocktail bars and dumplings?

Who knows, maybe he’ll tear up the karaoke bars with his special brand of rap and dance.