Let the Cows choose

There is the news that a farmer down south wants to build a cow hotel. The Greens call it battery farming of cows and other idiots call it factory farming, but I say it is farming innovation and maximising resources.

I have the solution though and it is one that the Greens should agree with.

Let the Cows Choose!

That’s right, let the farmer build the fricken great building in the middle of the field etc, then the day the first frost hits move the cows, poor buggers having to stay outside all that time anyway into the filed and see where they end up. In the warm shed away from the snow, sleet and hail or outside running free.

The dimwitted ones that stand outside, ship them off to the works immediately. I was speaking to a country lass today and she told me her job on the farm when she was little was to record the tag number of the last cow into the milking shed each day. Over time it was established that the last cow was always the same one then one day she stopped being the last cow. And the system started again thus guaranteeing optimum herd speed.

Oh and feed them on Grain please, the ability to get good quality grain fed beef is very difficult and there is nothing quite like a good grain fed steak. Now if you were a cow what would you want, grass all covered in your own shit and dirt to eat of grain delivered straight into your trough at face level.