Look who has run out of cash

Len Brown along with the Mad Mayor Andrew Williams are bleating about the spending limits for the upcoming Super City election.

Auckland’s super mayoral race could be bought by a wealthy candidate unless the campaign spending limit is cut back, Manukau Mayor Len Brown claims.

Mayoral candidates will next year be allowed to spend $580,000 and Brown wants this cut back to as little as $150,000.

Len Brown reckoned he was going to spend about $1 million for his campaign and plastered his pasty looking face all over Auckland very early on. Why the sudden change? What has happened in the Brown camp with fundraising?

The word on the street though is that Len’s corporate backers have deserted him since he announced he wouldn’t mind Sue Bradford on the ticket.

Meanwhile Labour has again shopped its paid for polling by multi-national polling company UMR Research as an impartial poll to the media. They only polled 482 people, that is pathetic.