McClay's Easter bill defeated

Todd McClay’s perfectly fine Easter trading bill that would bring some sanity to the present dog bollocks of a law we have now was voted down last night which is a crying shame.

However the shame should be heaped upon the shoulders of the following National MPs.

Shane Ardern (Taranaki-King Country), Chester Borrows (Whanganui), Bill English (Clutha-Southland ), Phil Heatley (Whangarei), Sam Lotu-Iiga (Maungakiekie), Tim Macindoe (Hamilton West), Eric Roy (Invercargill), Katrina Shanks (list), Jonathan Young (New Plymouth)

Not only did you vote with a bunch of unionised pinko wankers and watermelons, I would also like to point out the opening statement about what National stands for;

The National Party was founded on principles of individual responsibility, private enterprise, and reward for individual effort. These principles are the only sure path to a society of personal freedom and rising standards of living for all.

Even though some of those opposed are devout Christians I would bet they think Easter Sunday is a sacred day, well if it is then vote to make it the public holiday and not Monday. Even though Easter was appropriated from another religion in order to encourage conversion. It is the Sabbath that counts and folks, that is Saturday.

Most Kiwis aren’t Christian o to prevent them shopping on a day that is meaningless to them doesn’t promote individual responsibility, private enterprise or reward for individual effort. Sad effort.