More Textual Harrassment from the Mad Mayor

Andrew Williams is a man not in control of his emotions. This time the news is the Mad Mayor on his trip to Christchurch sent text messages to Bob Parker about how the Clown from Campbells Bay disliked his city.

On July 27, Williams sent a cellphone email to Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker just after midnight after dining with friends in the city. In the email, Williams said he and his party were “most disappointed with Christchurch tonight”.

After attending a function in the city, his group went looking for a restaurant, but Williams told Parker “your city was dead as a duck”.

Asked to comment on the email yesterday, Parker said it showed “a rather eccentric attitude” when councils around the country were looking to build solid relationships.

“Mayors usually refrain from criticising other mayors and their cities,” he said.

I wouldn’t call it “rather eccentric attitude” I’d call it pissed as a newt. Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbells Bay and the mad Mayor of the North Shore is drunk in charge to a city.

As is usual with the Mad Mayor’s textual harrassment it involved a threat.

“What we did get offered finally arrived at 10pm, a whole hour’s wait for food, so the service was 3rd world by anyone’s standards. I hope this not normal for Chch because we were all less than impressed.

“… The media, I understand, are also interested in what we think of our visit to Christchurch so that will make an interesting story, don’t you think, as a former media man?”

The man must be sacked, recalled, or made to resign. Where are the “A team” in all of this? Probably pouring Stop Banks wine down the Mad Mayor’s throat.