Muldoon was Right!

It has finally been scientifically proven that Rob Muldoon’s statement thirty years ago when questioned about increased levels of emigration from New Zealand to Australia,? that these migrants “raised the average IQ of both countries”

A new study has confirmed a long-held Australian belief – less-skilled Kiwis have migrated there at a higher rate than skilled professionals.

The research, by Wellington demographer James Newell, has found New Zealand-born workers are 4.3 per cent of all machinery operators and drivers in Australia, and 3.4 per cent of all labourers, but only 2.4 per cent of professionals.

Maori are also more likely than non-Maori to have crossed the Tasman.

Another study, by Waikato University demographer Jacques Poot, says one in seven Maori now lives in Australia, compared with one in eight non-Maori New Zealanders.

There you go, two confirmations that by sending our unskilled thickies to Australia the average IQ rises on both countries.