Of Rockets, Pork and Pollies

So a huge fuss was made about a big sky rocket, so much fuss that even Pork Chop was flown in by Heli-crane.

From the moment I boarded the chopper at Mechanics Bay on Sunday with my friend Paul Holmes and Labour MP David Shearer, it was the sentiment most often repeated.

Ok so we know that is a lie right there as there is no way a chopper could have taken off with all that weight on board let alone adding David Shearer and Paul Holmes.

Paul Holmes and David Shearer getting chummyThe interesting thing here though is that David Shearer was going along for the trip to Mercury Island. Now that is some way from Mt Albert so either David Shearer has a fetish for rockets and was looking at ways of integrating them into his plan for a privatised NZ Army or there was something else behind his trip to the Island.

Of course they were all going to Sir Michael Fay’s place, Pork Chop’s good friend (yeah right), so perhaps that is the real interesting part of the story that has been missed.

Sir Michael has been known to be a good, good friend of Labour in the past, could it be perhaps that he is financing David Shearers bid to take over from Goff when the time is right?

Sir Michael Fay famously had a brass plaque on his desk in his Auckland Office that said “Nothing for Nothing, Fuck you”.

One wonders what the something for something is?? Because clearly David Shearer didn’t get the fuck you part otherwise he wouldn’t have been there.

Interesting times ahead all.