Pah! Repeaters

Just had a call from a? repeater at a reputable news organisation that makes me want to go postal on the useless twats.

They ring me up about a post from another blogger at Gotcha! and start telling me outright lies that I prove are outright lies while I’m on the phone with the repeater. The repeater then accuses me of being pedantic. Yes, well that is true, but shouldn’t a media commentator be pedantic, indeed shouldn’t they be accurate rather than simple repeat rubbish and tell out right lies.

Lie number 1: You are the owner of the domain name. No, I am the registrant, the lessee if you like, ICANN is the owner.

Lie Number 2: You will be prosecuted for breaching the embargo. Really! Under what law would that be? Why would I be prosecuted when it wasn’t me that posted it.

Lie Number 3: Well it was embargoed. Actually it as embargoed for the media. The media goes to great pains to not include bloggers or online only media under the banner of media. We don’t play by the rules because the rules don’t apply to us because you won’t let us play by the rules. That’s a nice circular chicken and egg debate that would be beyond most repeaters. You think you are special you aren’t, mostly you are leeches sucking off of the blogs for stories exactly like this case.

Lie Number 4: You are ultimately responsible for because you are the registrant. Well no, I’m not, I pointed out the registrant for her organisation and it turns out he is some tech dweeb, so I doubt he is ultimately responsible and therefore likely to be prosecuted. More likely it would be the Company that owned the site and the Chief Executive and possible the repeater that would be prosecuted.

Lie Number 5: If you do a Google search for Helen Clark and honours it comes up on the first page. Utter bullshit. Not even close, I couldn’t even find that damn article and I went to page 6 on both a New Zealand sites only search and Global search.

Lie Number 6: I (the repeater) can’t remember the exact search term because I’m not at my desk. Reeeeeally, then how come the number showing on my phone is a landline number from your office, in fact it is your direct dial you stupid cow.

Six lies was really quite enough. Not to other repeaters and the very few journalists that are out there, DO YOUR FUCKING HOMEWORK, before ringing me.

Oh and attribution of where you get your stories from would be appreciated, you do it for other media networks but you insult us by not attributing.