Pissed Holmes involved in drunken stoush with Photographer

While Millie Holmes is in the news again her father is desperately trying to keep a story on the down low.

The NZ Herald is also busily trying to hush all this up because it wants to keep its star columnist but an impeccable source tells me that there was a? fight between a NZ Herald photographer and Paul Holmes at the end of the (separate) Herald and HoS Christmas parties. Apparently the photographer had his shoulder dislocated for taking pix of a very inebriated and worse for wear Holmes by a couple of toughs hanging around with Holmes.

It has been reported to me that he was buying drugs and the 2 guys were his dealers ie. Gangsters. Paul Holmes ran off and the photographer got dealt to by the thugs.

All of this was captured on the Herald car park building security footage and the photos were not deleted before a fair swag of Herald management saw them.

Police attended but the photographer was told by management not to press charges against Holmes’ thug friends. Tim Murphy and APN should be hauled over the coals for backing Paul Holmes over their now injured photographer.I imagine that the? Herald staff are all right pissed off that its been kept quiet due to the attack on the photographer. Fancy getting snot kicked out of you for doing your job then told you can’t press charges?


Funny that. A lowly photographer is not worth half as much to APN as its columnist-cum-potential SuperCity Mayor.

Wouldn’t you love to see those pics in the mayoral campaign……I sure as hell would. This blogger is working hard to obtain either stills or footage of the incident.

I fully expect Tim Murphy will will burst forth on the online version denying everything.