Rocky parachutes in from Parnell

The left are want to bang on about equal representation and transparency in democracy but when it comes to feather-bedding for their own they are a little more quiet about all that.

Rocky from the Standard aka Rochelle Rees has just been appointed by the City-Vision majority on the Eden-Albert Community Board to replace an elected C&R representative (Ryan Hicks) who failed to turn up for 4 consecutive meetings. Whilst on the surface this looks like a matter of replacing an AWOL representative, in fact Ryan Hicks appears to have been hounded from the role by the nasty spiteful City Vision members on the Community Board, making life unbearable for Mr Hicks at meetings, so much so that he no longer came to the meetings.

If that was not bad enough the City Vision stacked board then decided to appoint Rochelle Rees in his place. Rochelle however lives in Parnell so is hardly representative of the locals and to all appearances this looks like a little bit of lucky troughing for City Vision.

Whilst it isn’t a good look for a sitting Community Board member to be absent it is equally not a good look to replace that member with someone from the opposite of the political spectrum and from outside of the area. But then pinkos aren’t known for their embracing of democratic processes when it comes to setting up a nice earner for their mates. That said Rocky does actually have a brain and isn’t your usual leftist drone, she may actually do a good job.