Seriously Random Questions

  1. If the world is warming catastrophically and the sea levels rising why is the government “investing” in home insulation and not levee technologies to hold the seas back?
  2. If the goal of Copenhagen is to try and stop Global Warming and save the little countries of the Pacific why are they being told to shut up and sit in the corner while the big boys organise the biggest fraud in History?
  3. So Copenhagen isn’t about saving the Maldives and Tuvalu, it is all about money?
  4. Does anyone other than Mann, et al still believe in Global Warming and the science is settled?
  5. A child killing, wife raping, bashing and threatening to kill monster is out on bail, and his lawyer is calling for the blogger who named him to be arrested and put in prison?
  6. Did the flea lawyer really think this through before pissing of The Whale?
  7. Is the flea lawyer really the thugs agent and is going for global exposure?
  8. How good can a QC from Hamilton really be?
  9. Does anyone else think Transparency International isn’t transparent?
  10. Isn’t it ironic that Barack Obama accepts the Nobel Peace Prize and at the same time his surge troops are pouring into Afghanistan?
  11. If NZ adopts China’s one child policy is it retrospective and does that mean I have to kill one of my kids?
  12. Which one the boy or the girl?
  13. Think of the problem Bill English will have with that?
  14. Second thoughts is does seem to have merit in limiting the expansion of the DPB, doesn’t it?
  15. Has Trevor Mallard become the Tiger Woods of the NZ Parliament, brilliant at the game, not so crash hot in keeping the ladies in control?