Should be getting the third degree not a honorary degree

The University of Otago has done an outrageous and egregious thing. It has given Michael Cullen, the man who said “fuck it” to a Treasury official when asked if he should put the ACC exposure in the PREFU, an honorary Doctor of Laws.

“University Vice-Chancellor Professor David Skegg says that Dr Cullen?s honorary degree recognises his contributions as an Otago academic and as a respected and highly influential politician.”

What a disgrace, the guy should be serving time for breaking teh Fiscal Responsibility Act. Plus the prick lives in Napier Ohope, hardly an Otago academic anymore.

All Otago alumni should be called to cut donations and support immediately. I am sure there are many other good causes to give to rather than this school of felching sycophants.

The prick pretended to be a lawyer the whole time he was in parliament and was even the Attorney General for a time and now he’s getting a fake degree.