So the poles are going to melt huh?

The major thing the warm-mongering alarmists like to scare the population with is that the Poles are going to melt and sea water level will rise hundreds of metres submerging much of the worlds coastline. It is of course complete poppycock.

If all you read are faked up “peer-reviewed” scientific journals based on doctored data and politicians dreams then you will emphatically believe that.

If you read interesting articles about intrepid explorers you find that such a thing is impossible. I say impossible because the math doesn’t work. And it is simple math that you don’t need a complex algorithm to hide the decline.

While others have been dreaming of a white Christmas, Kylie Wakelin has been dreaming of Marmite on toast.

The Twizel adventurer is just days away from becoming the first Kiwi woman to trek to the South Pole; and she spent Christmas Day in sub-zero temperatures trying to stave off frostbite and towing an 80kg sled loaded with food and equipment.

Wakelin, 36, is one of seven women travelling over 800km to the Pole to the mark the 60th anniversary of the Commonwealth.

She stepped in as New Zealand’s representative on the expedition in early October after its British leader, Felicity Aston, axed a New Zealand Army doctor, Major Charmaine Tate, 33, who had trained with the team in both Norway and New Zealand.

The women, all from Commonwealth nations, have been skiing 24-28km each day and are on track to reach the Pole by the middle of this week.

Speaking to the Sunday Star-Times from the polar plateau where the temperature has been averaging about -30C, Wakelin said the journey was beginning to take its toll on her body.

Right so here is the math for the terminally stupid who can’t see what I am talking about. The warm-mongerers say that at halting the alleged warming of the world at only 2 degrees more we will still have doomed the planet. I call bullshit on that. Let’s take an extreme view and pretend the lying, cheating, scientists have got it right and then add in Al Gore’s penchant for exaggeration and say that the planet is going to warm a massive 15 degrees. What will happen?

Nothing, the poles will NOT melt. Still haven’t got it. Ok I’ll dumb it down a little more for the warmenisers.

In the middle of SUMMER some intrepid explorers are walking to the South Pole, they aren’t there yet they are some way off, but they are experiencing temperatures of -30C. Taking the IPCC goal of 2 degrees off of that leaves them still at -28C. Unless I was lied to at school and all the text books and Wikipedia entries are also wrong, water freezes at 0C. So let’s take what the warmenisers would call utter catastrophe a warming of 15C. There would still be Polar ice caps because our intrepid explorers would still be walking towards the South pole in a relatively balmy -15C, still some way off that snow and ice melting catastrophically.

So, who are you going to believe, lying scientists cosseted up in their air conditioned offices making up data, altering records and “hiding the decline” or a woman freezing her tits off at -30C?