Stink Man!

Bloody Cactus Kate is off my Christmas nice list and now on my Christmas get even list.

She bloody disqualified me from her second annual bloggers award on the basis that I won it last year. She even said that I would have won it again if it wasn’t for her bloody long distance love affair with “Tiger” Mallard.

That’s right, she bloody gave the Blogger award to Red Alert and to Trevor “Tiger” Mallard. FFS isn’t his head big enough, still giving Brenda in Taupo a seeing to and now the new girlfriend at Sparc (do they know about each other), our “Tiger” will now blog endlessly about how cool Cactus is for awarding him the bloody award and how they should hook up. I fully expect Mallard to get Cactus Kate’s name into Hansard one of these days. Alas “Tiger”….grrrrr….Cactus likes married men, with vasectomies, who are rich, I believe you fail on all three counts and pretty miserably by all accounts.

Anyway Cactus said as much Red Alert only won because she disqualified me.

“Tiger” though may be a little busy with advising “Private Dancer” how he is going to get out of his little predicament. I imagine that “Tiger” is advising the little shit to sit tight it will blow over.

That would be bad advice because it isn’t the media that has this story it is the blogosphere and more importantly it is me, and I don’t take pinko prisoners, I shoot them down like dogs. Especially if the dog is a mutant and done one lap-dance too many.

Oh and check out her post on KordaMentha tricky-dickys and “Spanky” Boscawen.