Surely they are taking the piss

The Royal Society has released the latest Marsden Fund? grants.

A quick glance through and I have come to the conclusion that surely they are taking the piss.

For instance Dr CD Moon at AgResearch has been granted $760,000 over three years to study “How air affects mutation and adaptation – a dissection of the evolutionary process” and Dr AC Lyons, Dr TN McCreanor and Dr F Hutton have literally hit the jackpot with a grant of $864,000 to study “Young adults, drinking stories and the cult of celebrity”.

Good grief, do they get to follow Pork Chop around for three years?

Dr G Lear only scored $100,000 per annum for the study of? “Are all individuals created equal? Testing Hubbell’s neutral theory”. FFS surely that has already been proven time and again. Remember this plonker probably has tenure as well.

Dr Jane Kelsey, well known socialist meddler also scored two years funding for a total of $336,000 for the study of? “Confronting the contradictions of New Zealand’s embedded neoliberalism in a post-neoliberal era”. Uhhhhm, if neoliberalism is embedded it can hardly be a post-neoliberal era can it?

One can only describe these grants and nothing more than a cunning stunt to enable excessive troughing in the academic sector.