Thanks for the Christmas present Robyn

Robyn Northey is Richard “The Paper Shuffler” Northey’s wife and she wrote this letter in The Aucklander

Robyn Northey drops her Husband right in it

Robyn Northey drops her Husband right in it

I will offer Richard Northey a guest post to answer the following questions before I take this any further:

  1. During your tenure as councilor what have you actually achieved?
  2. Is it true that locals reckon that is only since Sam became councilor that anything actually happened on the Onehunga Foreshore Restoration Project?
  3. Are the rumours that you were nicking stuff out of councilors mail boxes true?
  4. If not, why did the council have to put locks on the boxes?
  5. Are the rumours that you were caught rifling through papers in the private office of a sitting MP at his office opening true?
  6. If not, what would the police say if they were given three sworn affidavits saying you were?
  7. Would you get name suppression?
  8. What photos could I use to indicate it is actually you that has been arrested?

The gloves are off Richard, this is a one time offer and ends at lunch-time tomorrow.