The 3 Failures

The Whale’s Bay of Plenty spies have provided some photos taken in Rotorua of the 3 Bay of Plenty based MPs who serve the Bay of Plenty tirelessly on behalf of Labour.

One can only assume that they have plenty of spare time.

Steve “Mr.” Chadwick, a failed constituent MP, rejected by the good people of Rotorua. Moana Mackey, a failed constituent MP, rejected by lovely East Coast voters. What must her poor mother think having so easily held her seat for so long and Jacinda “Giddy Up” Ardern, a failed candidate for Waikato MP where voters clearly saw through her paper thin CV,? “Giddy up” has strangely put down real roots in the Bay of Plenty by living with her grandmother in Morrinsville, Waikato, and having opened an office in Rotorua and in Tauranga. What must the people of Auckland Central think?. The only woman missing from this picture is Phil “Gary” Twyford…

Note on one of the pictures a billboard from Falun Gong. I understand that they might have protested to the City Council as they believe that the Labour Party hoarding brings their name into disrepute. Not only that just opposite the corner of Lake and Ferry Springs road where the signs are is a new pie shop, Jesters pies, the owner tells The Whale’s spies that the photo puts her customers off the pies. It reminds them that some pies are made from old cows.

The 3 Failures - Bay Labour sign in Rotorua

The 3 Failures - Bay Labour sign in Rotorua