The Case

Ok an update for you.

Collaboration Media

I have had quite a few contributions via email, all of them say take down the Wiki. I have decided to do that because so aspects of the defense are sounding very interesting. I still want to develop the defense using technology so I have a few suggestions.

  1. Google Wave – Live, flexible but also new and a little fandangled
  2. Google Docs – More like creating a document also has revisions provision
  3. Some other centralised sharing system.

One? reason why I decided to take down the Wiki was because frankly there are a lot of people out there who can contribute good ideas but can’t or don’t want to play with Wiki formatting. I totally understand that.

I have plenty of Wave invites for 20 or so contributers. Google Docs is easy I just add you as a share to a folder.

Let me know in the comments.


Will soon set up a mechanism for fundraising. I am going to fight so I may as well make a good fist of it. Again I have had more than a few willing donors, so I will get this set up as soon as possible.

Social Media

I have had an amazing amount of support via Facebook and Twitter. I think it is time to fully establish a Support Page on Facebook. Volunteer Please.


One thing I have discovered is that this law is poorly written, especially Section 140. Basically you can get “hung for a lamb you didn’t steal”. I not surprised the law is a dogs bollocks because it was passed under Labour in 1985. Nevertheless it is the law that we must work with and so any contribution for suggestions we can pass onto the Law Commission for their review after this case would be useful. I believe that the law will have to be changed after this case, so let’s make it so.

Anything I have missed for this campaign or more suggestions then please let me know in the comments.