The Mad Mayor goes troppo

As if it wasn’t bad enough to be on the front page of NZ’s biggest Sunday paper he then went and scored the front page of NZ’s biggest daily website and page A4 as well, and on NewstalkZB and TVNZ. NewstalkZB had to have several goes at recording Andrew Williams so apoplectic he was,

I really must get my Christmas Card list together, Andrew Williams, the Mad Mayor of North Shore and the Clown of Campbells Bay has certainly helped ratings no end.

Instead of shutting the hell up the fool then went troppo threatening to sue Leighton Smith if he kept up his radio show mocking the Barking Mad Mayor.

As if that wasn’t bad enough his antics have now gone international making it to Australia and now to the UK. The disrepute he has brought on the North Shore is appalling. He really must resign.

But wait there is more as the advertisements say. I held back this last message for two reasons. One it is the most denigrating of George Wood and also of poor quality. But given Andrew Williams decision to attack all and sundry as part of some sort of master plot I will now release it.

Voicemail from Andrew Williams

The so called A Team on the North Shore have great deal to answer for as they have enabled his bombastic, abusive, behaviour. He must resign and apologise on the way out for making such a fool of his office.