The Mad Mayor Rides Again

Andrew Williams, the Mad Mayor and Clown of Campbells Bay has done it again. The Sunday Star Times carries a front page story by Jonathan Marshall about his rude texts, messages and emails to the Prime Minister. He has also been leaving abusive late night voicemail messages with former Mayor George Woods.

Whaleoil and Gotcha! has obtained some of those messages. I thought a nice parody video would be the best way to play the recordings of Andrew Williams.

The Minister of local Government surely must now be contemplating some sort of action against the mad mayor in order to save the citizens of North shore from any more of his embarrassing harassment. Couldn’t he appoint a Commissioner to run North Shore until the ocal body elections next year?

One thing is for sure is Andrew Williams needs to take out a full page in nationwide paper and apologise to those whom he has abused including George Woods and the Prime Minister. His resignation wouldn’t go amiss either.

Why won’t the so-called A Team (Viv Keohane, Grant Gillon, Jan O’Connor, Julia Parfitt and Tony Holman) intervene against Williams outrageous behaviour? They tolerate it, because they derive their incomes from supporting Williams. This is why the party system is superior to the ‘every-man-for-himself’ approach of the North Shore, because with party politics you get discipline, unity and superior governance. With a $3.2 billion spendup, the new Auckland Council can’t rest in the hands of loonies and their compliant councillors.

None of the above compliant troughers of the North Shore majority will act on Williams’ transgressions, because they’re weak politicians, and only interested in their chairmanship remuneration. In addition they usually post abusive comments in support of their Mad Mayor especially Jan O’Connor who is the most sycophantic of the lot.