The Stuart Nash Award for Serial Rooting goes to….

Tiger Woods, he seems to have put even Nashy the Rooter to shame having at least 3 women on the go at the same time. On the other hand Nashy might just be able to get some pointers from Tiger or perhaps they could share notes.

The word is that Tiger is so ashamed at getting caught that he has agreed to family calls to change his name by deed-poll. No longer will he be Tiger Woods. His new name though is expected to carry on the Animal/Golf theme.

Stepping out on a golf course shortly will be Cheetah Woods. Same guy different name.

Of course Sickopedia has an awesome collection jokes (nine pages so far) about this. Here are some of the less offensive;

That’s the first time Tiger Woods has failed to drive 300 yards…

What do seals, and Tiger Woods, have in common? They both get clubbed by Scandinavians.

Tiger Woods. Brilliant putter, not such a great driver.

Crouching tiger hidden hydrant.

So a third woman has revealed she also had an affair with tiger woods…
I’m starting to wonder how many holes tiger has played.

It’s even harder to find Tiger Woods Cheats on google now….

I guess Tiger Woods gets his driving ability from the Asian side of his family…

Is there no end to Tiger Woods talents ? Now he’s trying his hand at magic, move over David Blaine, Tiger managed to turn a car into a Fire Hydrant and then into a tree … ‘Awesome’!