Tim Groser rises to the occasion

Tim Groser is really proving his worth on the faux-problem of Climate Change. Firstly he upstaged Nick “Diversity in Action” Smith at Carbonhagen and today he has announced that New Zealand businesses in Wellington are about to benefit hugely by hosting a Summit in Wellington.

Wellington will host the next step in global efforts to address climate change, with a summit on agricultural emissions planned for March.

Associate Climate Change Issues Minister Tim Groser revealed details of the summit yesterday after arriving back from the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Delegates from 20 to 30 countries were expected to come to Wellington for the summit, including the United States, India, France, Indonesia, the Netherlands and Canada.

It would be a follow-up to the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, a multimillion-dollar agreement that New Zealand led in Copenhagen to fund research into finding ways to rein in the carbon emissions caused by farming.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the next big event in the climate change calendar,” Mr Groser said of the Wellington summit.

This is fantastic news, not because I believe in Global Warming but because the Summit will bring a massive boost to the tiny productive sector that exists in Wellington. The math is quite simple.

Carbonhagen: 35,000 delegates / 193 countries = 181 delegates per country

Wellington summit: 30 countries x 181 delegates each (assuming the Carbonhagen rule) = 5,440 delegates

Imagine what they will do for New Zealand and Wellington in particular. If I was Lisa Lewis I’d be booking a suite for the duration to latch hold of some of that foreign money, after all why should the Wellington hookers get all the loot. Restaurants, Hotels, bars and taxi drivers will salivating at the news that 5440 delegates are about to descend on Wellington to give the economy a boost. Who cares what they talk about so long as they spend hugely.

Groser meanwhile has succinctly summarised the farce that was Carbonhagen:

The Copenhagen climate change summit has been described as “complete madness” by one of New Zealand’s chief negotiators.

The 193-nation summit was called to achieve a binding international agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but ended with nothing more than a commitment to limit global warming to 2degC.

There are no firm plans on how to do that and another summit will be held in Mexico next year.

The summit was beset by divisions between developed and developing countries and associate climate change minister Tim Groser said tonight it was a disappointing result after all the political investment that went into it.

Mr Groser didn’t think developed countries were to blame.

“They were presented with a conference that was complete madness, that was blocked by extremist procedural tactics,” he said on One News.

“I hope they will reflect, just as we are reflecting, on why exactly this conference got bogged down to the point where it produced, out of a mighty roar, just a little tiny result.”

I think the time is right now for John Key to quietly sideline Nick “Diversity in Action” Smith on Climate Change at first, and put his portfolios into the hands of people who know that the sky is blue and the grass is green. Tim “Raghead” Groser has shown a steady hand in the face of ridiculous pressure and nonsense and delivered a good result for New Zealand. He has shown he has a good grasp on Climate issues and should hence forth look after that portfolio.