Time for a new Finance Minister

I have to ask myself, what was the point of the 2025 Taskforce if the Governments two top soft cocks say they are going to ignore it?

New Zealand is ill, it is bloated from 50 years of creeping socialism and sadly the change of government didn’t change anything except the seats on the Titanic. Worse instead of repealing and rolling back many of the idiocy of the Clark years Key and English have assured Kiwis that their “entitlements” will remain.

Except they are borrowing huge amounts daily to pay for those entitlements. The government commissioned a Taskforce to look at how we can catch Australia by 2025 in terms of prosperity, productivity and wealth, they have produced a sensible report and both John Key and Bill English have dismissed it out of hand.

Bill English has labelled it “too radical” this from a man who would seek Treasury advice about which side of a postage stamp to lick and then confirm the advice with another request to Treasury to confirm the advice so he could confirm which side he thought should be licked. The man is incapable of making a decision. Well I suppose he has made one here and very quickly by his usual standards which is a first but to label the plan as too radical shows just how timid this government, particularly the top two have become.

Bill English though goes even further;

A plan to close the wealth gap with Australia is “too radical” for Finance Minister Bill English, who says bringing the two countries to economic parity by 2025 is an “aspirational” rather than realistic goal.

FFS what is the point, why set the goal in the first place if you don’t think you can get there? He sounds like a NZ athlete who did their personal best at the Olympics and came dead last trying to say they are a winner. This is what is wrong with New Zealand. It pervades our sports teams, winning is an aspiration rather than realistic goal, it infects our schools and now it has infected our government.

We may as well give up and just become the eighth state of Australia, that at least would be one sure way of closing the gap by becoming Australians. The people of New Zealand voted for change not more of the same.

Dr Brash said if the Government ignored the recommendations, “there may be some other cunning plan, but I’m not aware of it”.

He said the Prime Minister had “enormous political capital” and should use some of it to implement the suggested policies, which would be unpopular.

Without them, the Government’s goal of catching Australia could not be achieved.

“A little tinkering at the edges ain’t going to do it,” Dr Brash said.

And that is the point isn’t it, the polls suggest that there is plenty of political capital there to give some things a go, the Taskforce doesn’t recommend doing them all at once, so why not take a third of them and do them now, a third next term and a third the term after that.

Either grow some balls Bill or fuck off and let someone else have a crack.