Trevor vs. Nashy for biggest rooter in Parliament

I thought Stuart “Mangrove” Nash was the biggest rooter in parliament, after all he has boasted whilst under the influence of drink to parties known to The Whale that the reason he wanted to be an MP was root all the women of Wellington.

I have wondered what Trevor has thought about this boast with his lothario reputation amongst the women of Wellington and Taupo. With Richard Worth out of the picture the field is wide open now.

But it seems that Trevor has taken up the challenge and has set about trying to become the Tiger Woods of Parliament. I wonder though what Benda thinks about all this as Trevor gets a sparc back into his life after intially being down about being in opposition.

One of the benefits of being and opposition MP is being able to take up in earnest your old hobbies, especially cycling. Of course it helps too to get that initial sparc going that the target of your affections is very interest in cycling too.

To my knowledge Cactus Kate isn’t interested in being a bike, riding a bike, or even looking at a bike unless there is a Chinese man pedalling in front of her while she sits back in the rickshaw drinking Champagne. So why Trevor has taken to calling out Cactus Kate’s name in parliament beyond any comprehension. It is the equivalent of reaching over in the middle of the night and tapping your missus on the shoulder and loudly saying “You speak good english” or calling out your mistresses name/s while giving one to the missus (I think that is called bronco style, trying to hold onto an angry bucking beast).

Of course also being the Putin behind the throne so to speak Trevor gets to basically call the shots, but one wonders if he stage managed his departure from his beloved Sports portfolio in favour of the little ginga whinga Chris Hipkins so as to avoid a conflict of interest that could dampen down the new sparc he had found.

The trouble Tiger Woods has found himself in was too many roots. Trevor may, just maybe in that position now.

So onto the questions that remain unanswered;

  1. Does Brenda know about the Sparc?
  2. How was the Cook Islands? and who paid for his and the Sparc’s trip?
  3. How was the rugby in the corporate box for the two of you?
  4. Isn’t it great she loves cycling too?
  5. Just how many do you have Trevor?
  6. Are you trying to beat Tiger’s record of eleven?
  7. Isn’t new love grand? Gives you Sparc and purpose doesn’t it?