What a bunch of no-dicks

Labour closes ranks, backs Goff on speech – National – NZ Herald News.

Apparently the caucus is unanimously behind the tone and the content of the speech that Phil Goff Witi’d off Don Brash. It even had the same title FFS.

That is except this guy. Grant Robertson was going to express concerns and then out comes Phil Goff saying everyone was unanimous in him playing the race card. He poofed out, lost his bottle before the caucus, harden up Grant if you want to ever lead Labour.

Meanwhile Guyon Espiner made Chris Carter look like a complete dick. WTF is Carter on?

Funny how that works out. Don Brash was a racist in delivering a speech entitled “Nationhood” and the Labour caucus is united behind Phil Goff for delivering essentially the same speech.

Labour are cowards, they are heading the same way that National did in 2002. Filled with the wrong-headed belief that the public were mistaken and they will be back in next election they are consumed with hubris and show it.

Phil Goff is a dead man walking. It is only a matter of time before some-one knifes him. The question is who?

Clearly no single person has the numbers yet. Meanwhile Mallard shows a bit of sparc acting as the Vladimir Putin behind the throne, manipulating and setting traps for Goff.