What's the big issue about votes and climate change?

In Australia this weekend the reverse of conventional thinking has happened. The Liberals have won two by-elections to fully endorse Tony Abbott’s stance against the b.s. that is Climate Change.

There were small swings against the Liberal Party to the Greens in both seats, but at no point did they threaten to unsettle the Opposition’s hold on the seats.

Former Optus executive Paul Fletcher comfortably held on to Bradfield, formerly held by Brendan Nelson, where the Liberals’ margin dropped only slightly.

Mr Fletcher said the result was evidence that climate change was not at the top of voters’ agendas.

“My experience … during the campaign was that people were concerned about private health insurance, overdevelopment, economic management and so on. Climate change came up as an issue, but it wasn’t the number one issue.”

Sure they were solid Liberal seats but the public as unmoved by the leadership coup this week by Abbott and his stance on the fraud of Global Warming.

Tony Abbott himself has gone on the offensive against Kevin Rudd challenging him debate climate change anywhere, anytime.

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has challenged Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to a series of public debates on climate change.

The government plans to re-introduce its emissions trading scheme (ETS) legislation into parliament when it resumes in February, after the bills were defeated in the Senate last week.

Mr Abbott says most people want more information on the scheme.

“That’s code for saying that they don’t understand it,” he told the Nine Network today.

“I’d like to challenge the prime minister to a series of public debates on this subject before parliament comes back.

“This big emissions tax, it’s going to be not just for this year or next year, it’s going to be forever if it comes in, and it shouldn’t come in with(out) the public understanding exactly what it means.”

Mr Abbott said the debates could be in a town hall and broadcast to the public or beamed live from a television studio.

“We’ll debate it up hill and down dale, we’ll debate it once, twice, three times, four times, however many times is necessary until the public feel that they have had their questions answered to their satisfaction,” he said.

If only we had been able to generate such a debate here inNew Zealand, where first Helen Clark’s government then john Key’s deceived the public and rammed ETS legislation down our throats despite the overwhelming evidence now flooding out that the whole Climate Change myth is based upon fak and dodgy science. A fraud in fact.

John Key could learn a big lesson here and destroy the Warmenisers at the same time, the problem is that he is a limp dick so we won’t be seeing that happen unless there happens to be a big smacking in the polls.