Where's Jim?

I’ve already covered the rort of Jim Anderton pretending to be a leader of a political party when he is really only a Labour Party flunkie. Incidentally this rort makes Bill English’s haircut, flowers and housing issues look like small change.

However the Whales Wellington spies tell him that Jim Anderton hasn’t been seen at Parliament in nearly 6 weeks. Apparently the cover story is he’s seriously ill with pneumonia.

Perhaps this is true – but where’s no accountability. When National MPs are sick – such as Allan Peachy’s cancer, or Bakshee’s dodgy dealings heart, the Whips tell people why our employees not working. I’m pretty sure Labour does the same thing. Yet we have heard nothing from Anderton, well that isn’t strictly true there have been two press releases in the last eight weeks, but we all know who really writes those.

It seems Creepy Cosgrove and Lord Burns of Marlbourgh are doing his electorate work. Lianne Dalziel being too busy revitalising her stalled mayoral campaign.

So, sorry if he’s sick but why is he keeping up the charade of? being paid a leader salary if he’s effectively a Labour list MP??

I just bet this will become some sort of Leonid Brezhnev type thing where there is speculation for years that he is actually dead, then he turns up again, I think the North Koreans did the same thing all Weekend at Bernies like with Kim Il Sung.