Whoopsy, now that was embarrassing

Let me tell you a little story about a sad Ginger boy. Let’s call him Darren. His skin is so pale he is almost albino but he can still be a day-walker.

Anyway Darren is a Labour MP, which makes him think the world owes him a living and that everything should be taken by the state so that it may be given to the deserving, mostly him. He enjoys “working” for the people, he has done it all his life, never having had a productive job.

Parliament has wound up and the annual free drinks, well free to people the likes of Darren, are to be had at the Press Gallery Piss Up. This is legendary this piss up and rules are the usual, what goes on tour, stays on tour. Except the “tour” was winding up when our young day-walker Darren spied a likely candidate for a night of passion.

He suggested to the young impressionable staffer that they join him in his room for drinks, the others will be along shortly. The young impressionable staffer thinks this great, free drinks paid for by an MP, fantastic, and tags along with Darren.

They arrive at the room and enter, the young impressionable staffer has a drink, Darren has a drink, no-one else has turned up. More drinks are had and more time has elapsed, the impressionable young staffer is starting to think this is a bit strange, still no one else has arrived. A few more drink and then surprise!

Our young day-walker decides that the time is right and plops himself down in the lap of the impressionable young staffer, who is now sitting bolt upright with alarm.

You see the impressionable young staffer thought he was there just for drinks, little did they know that the day-walker Darren had other thoughts. The impressionable young staffer makes hurried excuses and bolts out the door shaken by the encounter.

So Darren Hughes, the next time you line up an impressionable young MALE staffer from the ACT party for a night of passion, make sure BEFORE you try to get your leg over that they actually want your advances.

Of course you could always use the “comedian” defense, “I was pissed your honour and I thought it was the missus”.