Wicked Wednesday – The Wine Rack

With Christmas just round the corner I have found just the thing for my female readers but there’s good news and bad about the new WineRack Bra.? A gal and her pals can sip a lot of booze from the bra, but after they do, she’s going to be flat-chested again.

The WineRack with two polyurethane bladders hold up to 25 ounces of bootleg… a bottle of wine, two frozen margaritas or a couple of Irish coffees, if she prefers to keep warm.

The shell is a comfortable sports-style bra; the boob enhancers, two polyurethane bladders affixed with a flexible tube straw and adjustable sipper.

The WineRack Bra comes in small ( 32A – 36A) and medium ( 34B – 38B) and when full, increases boobs by two cup sizes. Don’t worry too much about deflation as you drink.? Once the booze runs out, you can always inflate the bra with air.

There’s really no way to discuss this without offending someone, but hey this blog is all about being offensive so I offer you a choice of three descriptions by which you can be scandalized:

? Boobze. (Bonus: Camelfront.)

? Perfect for duplicitous, predatory transvestites?as your shrinking breasts belie your masculine nature your guzzling target will be proportionately less concerned.

? Bubbly in your jubblies!

Brought to you from the same guys who brought you The Beer Belly.