WinstonFirst can't beg anyone to stand in Tauranga

Oh this is too funny.

A new candidate to replace Winston Peters in Tauranga is still being sought after the first three people approached by NZ First refused the offer. Roy Townhill, New Zealand First?s electorate chairman in Tauranga, set a deadline in August to have a new candidate by Christmas, but does not see this as possible now after three negative responses.

Two of these were people who lived out of Tauranga and refused to stand because they did not want to move to the city.
?We wanted them to move here. We tried to entice them but they have stayed true to where they were,? says Roy.

He identified former New Zealand First MP Barbara Stewart as one of those who was asked to stand in Tauranga. He would not identify the other person from out of Tauranga who was approached because the party still hopes that person will change their mind. One Tauranga party member was also approached but refused to stand because he found it difficult to find employment.
?He?s been turned down from two big jobs because of his involvement in the party. He would have loved to have been our candidate but paid work has got to come first,? says Roy.

Oh just die already you old coots. You are stuffed if even your old MP’s don’t want a bar of you.