An email from a reader

I have received another email from a reader. I have permission to post it and it is unedited and complete.

As much as I hate you c*unts for attacking us Gingers, I just want to go on record to say thank you for everything you both do re: exposing pedophiles.

I look back at the court cases (District and High Courts) and what we as parents had to go through to see justice be done.

Ironically, the two kiddy fuckers got name suppression, even though I was against it. My son was never going to be identified, and the media minder given to us by the cops was brilliant.

What’s more, the media did respect our wishes to be left alone. The real hurt was watching my wife and life fall apart.

These two kiddy fuckers, and my son was only 11, came into my house and were welcomed. They were deceitful and evil and pretended to be good scout masters. One was married with three children.

The reality is that they are still in jail and over the past 5 years have had approx $500,000 spent on prison, rehabilitation etc. My son has had very little, and as parents we were, initially too ashamed to talk about it.

So Cam, you have right on your side, and thank you for having the balls to stand up to it. David, thanks for holding these people to account. The cops who hunt these people down are fantastic, the prosecutors are great, CYPS etc couldn’t do enough.

But, naming, shaming and labelling people who rape (sodomise) 11 year old boys – well I see no harm in it!

I know the writer, he is a Day-Walker and yes his family have been through hell. As a parent of the victim he wanted to have him named and they were denied that ability to name these scum. Once they get out of jail no-one will ever know what they did. That is wrong.

Personally if some-one did that to my kids, They would not be able to live in New Zealand ever again.