And so the farce continues

Letter to the Editor - NZ Herald on Name SuppressionThere was a letter to the editor in the NZ Herald today (right) that succinctly makes the point that I have been trying to make. The Herald even gave it the massive headline across the page of “Suppression denies Human Rights

Meanwhile the farce that name suppression has become continues on. In fact I believe the Herald on Sunday has breached the act in a more egregious way that I’m alleged to have done. At least in my case there were literally hundreds of people that could havepossibly been identified. The Herald on Sunday has narrowed the field down to just three contenders and a prime contender that is at least got 50% more chance than any others of being the accused.

I am now at the point where I think that the Law Commission recommendations are too soft. We are all supposed to be equal under the law. Patently that is not the case. I think the law could be really simple. The only people who could possibly be given name suppression are victims. END. OF. STORY.

Meanwhile let’s see if Simon “FIGJAM” Power can crawl his way out of the mess that name suppression has become. I imagine he will have to let Chris “The best Arts Minister since Sir Les Patterson” Finlayson do the heavy lifting thinking wise and he’ll just preen himself for the photo ops.

Name Suppression, as I predicted has now become a touch-stone issue and pretty much all because the Police charged me just prior to the news vacuum of Christmas.

Social Media is also playing its role and all the Police can do is say they are monitoring “the Internet”. That statement is farcical in the extreme….I mean they can’t possibly monitor the whole of the internet otherwise they would be charging Google for what is contained in their cache. Why they can’t go and catch real criminals is beyond me, you know the ones that kill, rape, maim and rob people.

Sometime somewhere a government is going to realise that the internet has removed the borders and jurisdictional control of a vast number of areas. The internet is owned by no-one, controlled by no-one and working as originally intended by the inventor (not Al Gore) as a mechanism for the sharing of information. No laws will ever control that.