Andrew Williams coming clean finally

When the news about Andrew Williams late night/early morning txt messages hit the front pages the Mad Mayor went on the offensive. He blamed everybody except himself.

Now several months after the episode was raised he is in the press again and now claiming that despite his protestations of innocence and producing reports that he alleged cleared him, the Clown of Campbells Bay is now blaming the txts on a drug addiction. Oh sure he doesn’t quite say that, but with all mendacious politicians you have to read between the lines.

That now raises some issues. Andrew Williams went on nationwide television and brandished reports and issued press releases proclaiming his innocence and that it was all a beat up. Now he suggests it may have happened and that the demon pills were the issue. More likely sinking piss on top of the pills is the real issue. But the question still remains, Why bring this up now?

I’ll hazard a guess on that. I just bet you that a Sunday paper has by law just received their LGOIMA documents that they requested and is about to print the details of his phone bill that clearly show not just one 3am txt but hundreds of them. He is getting in ahead of the papers and trying out a bit of spin to see if the kite will fly.

Hmmm…let’s wait and see shall we.

Mad Mayor changes his story

Mad Mayor changes his story