Another Judge just doesn't get it

It seems that the judiciary is filled with panty-waists hell bent on ignoring society and their wishes.

Psychological stress made a prominent Northland civil servant commit four fraud offences.

But naming him would cause suffering that far outweighed the offending, a judge has ruled.

The man appeared for sentencing in Kaikohe District Court yesterday. He had previously pleaded guilty to four charges of using a document for pecuniary advantage – a form of fraud that carries a maximum term of up to seven years’ jail.

The offences were committed between July and October last year. On four occasions, the man took a price sticker from a cheap bunch of flowers at a supermarket and put it on a more expensive bunch before going through an automatic checkout.

The total amount defrauded was less than $100.

Whether it is a $100 or $1 or a million dollars it is still fraud. The offender plead guilty and the Judge discharged him with no conviction fully suppressing all of his details, she also used the Capill Precedent. Of course by now the whole of the far north will know who the person is so a few quick questions to some mates will soon enlighten me.

The Judge has it so wrong it actually isn’t funny. Instead of one line in the local rag noting xys was convicted of fraud today in the Kaikohe District Court, it has now turned into a rather large article about why the Judge suppressed the name and now has made publicity of the rather pathetic crime into something the whole nation wants to know because he made something small a secret. The judge is an idiot. She needs to Google Streisand Effect.

The person who did this is just having excuses made for his crime. He is a thief, plain and simple.