Another kiddy-fiddler with Name Suppression

A North-Shore primary school teacher appeared in court yesterday accused of the sexual grooming of two young boys.

He has been given name suppression.

So now all North Shore middle aged male primary school teachers are smeared with these heinous accusations. If you think that isn’t bad then just consider how few male teachers there are on the North Shore, then consider how many are middle aged.

If I was an innocent middle-aged Primary School teacher on the North-Shore I would be rope-able. Not only that, given the nature of the offending I would almost guarantee that this teacher has been told to stay away from children. Though with his name suppression no-one can possibly know who he is in order to report him if he is seen hanging around playgrounds or schools.

Worse still the Teachers Council said neither the man nor his school had informed it of the charges, and only became aware of the charges after they were contacted by repeaters from The Herald.

Children are at risk here from a sexual predator and the Judge thinks his name should be suppressed.

(involving two male victims)

* Two charges of indecent assault on a boy aged under 16.
* Two charges of entering a monetary arrangement with a boy aged 16 to allow the teacher to perform sexual acts on him.
* Two charges that he arranged for a boy under 16 to travel with him with the intention of committing an indecent act on the boy.

So not only was he molesting them himself, he was also pimping them out to other sickos. It disgusts me that the judiciary is protecting the name of this man and at the same time making every other male teacher on the North Shore suspect as well.