Bloggers Union supporting me

From The President (for life) of the NZ Bloggers Union

The New Zealand Bloggers Union (NZBU) is closely following the name suppression case involving member 00003 (aka Whale Oil) and hopes that it comes to the natural conclusion that Whale Oil is acquitted. The NZBU supports freedom of speech for all its members, from member number 00345 (Malcolm Harbrow) to member number 01466 (The Hand Mirror).

Name supression laws should not be used to protect offenders and we at the NZBU feel that Whale Oil is doing New Zealanders a great service by exposing these predators.

Furthermore, member 10003 (David Slack) does not speak on behalf of other bloggers or indeed his own blog. Membership to the NZBU includes representation on a national level which maintains that Whale Oil does indeed speak for and behalf of the NZBU and our support for these freedoms will not waver.


The NZBU is New Zealands first and only Union set up to represent NZ bloggers and commenters. Membership to the NZBU is compulsory.