Bursting some Bubbles

After today’s mayhem I need to correct a few mis-conceptions and spank some people who should know better.

  1. Firstly I did not defy name suppression laws. I categorically deny I did any such thing. I simply posted some Binary Code with a Base64 Title. None of which identifies by name, address or occupation “in any account or report relating to any proceedings”
  2. The “binary code which, when converted”, does NOT reveals the identity of a defendant.
  3. I am not on bail, never have been on bail and it can’t be revoked because it never existed. you would think a top criminal lawyer like Chris Comesky could get that right, imagine being his client?
  4. The police can’t arrest me or imprison me because the alleged offence that I am supposed to have done is not an offence that carries a jail term, it only can incur a fine. Again I would have thought a top criminal lawyer like Chris Comesky ought to know about the law…who’d have him for a lawyer eh?
  5. Does Chris Comesky understand the meaning of conflict of interest? Would he like me to get the ADLS to assist him in this understanding via a complaint to them about not one but two conflicts of interest in him commenting on my cases.
  6. Wasn’t Chris Comesky the lawyer who acted for the crims that nicked our soldiers medals? Oh yeah he was. So he has a habit of representing scum.
  7. Would Clio Frances and Luke Appleby like to correct their reports that says that i did do something when a)that hasn’t been proven in a court of law and b) they describe other accused people a”allegedly” committing something.
  8. How do Clio Frances and luke Appleby “know” I “named” someone today, they can’t possibly know that yet they report it as such. Helpfully though they may now, along with TV3 have provided me with another defence and for that I thank them.
  9. Apparently the Police are going to probe me? Is that probe as in investigate or probe as in like an alien abduction? Just asking, is all. I thought that was what Bubba did….silly me.
  10. Why hasn’t Carolyne Meng-yee been charged yet? Her clues were way past my alleged posts. Plus by order of magnitude posting on a wee little blog pales into insignificance beside am article in a nationally release newspaper.
  11. Aren’t the Police vicariously liable for the mass exposure of my posts?
  12. Aren’t the media also?
  13. Jul qba’g gur pbcf tb naq pngpu erny pevzvany vafgrnq bs qrsraqvat fphzontf?
  14. Jul unir gur Terraf orra qryrgvat cntrf nyy qnl bs gurve jrofvgr?
  15. Jul qbrf bayl bar cnegl unir cntrf bs rk-ZCf?