Clare Curran leaps to the front with her mea culpa

David Farrar put the pressure on Labour MPs today noting that they were yet to congratulate Mike Moore on his appointment as Ambassador to the USA. Commendably Clare Curran responded and admitted her failings on? Red Alert. Not only that she also admitted to owning a copy of Mike’s book about Saving Globalisation.

There?s two things to say. Firstly, it?s an honour and a measure of the man that he has merited such an appointment. It?s hugely significant and follows from his rather interesting, but stellar career as Prime Minister of New Zealand and Director-General of the World Trade Organization.

The second thing is to draw attention to his book Saving Globalisation launched a few months ago in Parliament. I haven?t had time to do more than flick through it, but it?s hugely interesting and informative and somewhat controversial.

She will probably be in massive trouble with “Tiger” Mallard for even suggesting that Mike Moore has something “hugely interesting and informative” to say. I’m starting to like the cut of Clare’s jib. She seems unafraid to slay some of the old shibboleths of Labour by speaking freely.

Well done Clare, she now takes the lead, in the random scoring and totally unfair appraisal system used by me to grant the award, WOBH MP of the Month Award.