The antics of The Herald and Dompost in their little exercise of press freedom by publishing a photo of and naming Cpl. Willie Apiata VC are despicable.

John Roughan makes a weaselly excuse in the paper that holds about as much water as a colander. Little does he know that while the Afghan insurgents could see and atch them in the streets of Kabul they would have had little idea about who he actually was.

Now that the Herald, the Dompost, and to a certain extent the fools “Smile and Wave” Key and “Comfortable Shoes” Mapp have outed him they are all party to a conspiracy to condemn Cpl. Apiata VC to becoming a named target of the Taleban. What this means is that they will have put a bounty, literally on his head, to be captured alive or dead. Alive is better for them because the ensuing release of a video of a hero being bashed and beaten then made to read out a statement apologising to Allah and the people of Afghanistan will make better press than anything else they do.

The fact that John Roughan knows now’t about this shows just how out of touch cossetted repeaters are when they sit in their comfortable air-conditioned press rooms deciding on the life of a serving soldier.

I think that John Roughan should go up to Kabul in little else than his underpants and apologise to the SAS and to Cpl. Willie Apiata VC in person. Bet he doesn’t have the stones to do that.

It seems that in NZ it is ok to show photos identifying high profile Kiwi Soldier, but not cartoons depicting Allah, it is ok to out Cpl Apiata VC but not OK to name paedophiles.

If I had a subscription to the Herald I would cancel it. Meanwhile if “Comfortable Shoes” Mapp could fall on his sword that would be helpful.