Do we really need the Broadcasting Standards Authority?

The BSA are in the news again for starting an investigation into Breakfast host Paul Henry over comments he made about singer Susan Boyle. The authority has received five complaints following TVNZ’s finding against Mr Henry, last month.

They are just trying to suppress free speech and blokes that tell the truth like Paul Henry & Michael Laws. How can you get in trouble for telling the truth.

Boyle reportedly launched into a foul-mouthed rant at a cafe in her home town after complaining that her personal assistant had told her she needed to go on a diet.

One day later, the quirky singer who has learning difficulties, threw a trantrum in the British Airways VIP lounge at Heathrow.

The singer was seen dancing and singing with a mop in front of fellow first class passengers. She also shouted obscenities and tried to polish a passenger’s shoes with the mop.

Someone should ask the BSA to demonstrate why we shouldn?t just cut them. Paul Henry referred to Susan Boyle as “retarded” in November last year, sparking complaints.

“Here’s the really interesting revelation: she is in fact retarded … and if you look at her carefully, you can make it out,”

I don’t think we need the BSA anymore, they are an impediment to Freedom of Expression.