Dodging Bullets

The Solicitor-General has blinked.

After a bully-boy cop in nelson and Chris Comesky mouthed off about jamming me in the slammer for something I never did we have ended up at the only result that was ever going to happen. A decision not to charge me with Contempt of Court.

The Police allegedly launched an investigation into charging me with contempt of court, I say allegedly because I was never interviewed, never spoken to, or even emailed about it. I didn’t hear about this until the NZPA release came out.

The Solicitor-General’s office said he did not “at this stage” intend to bring contempt proceedings against Slater.

However, he had asked the police to consider prosecuting the blogger under the Criminal Justice Act.

David Collins, the Solicitor-General, has long talked tough on taking down a blogger, today he blinked. The best they think they can do is charge me with the same thing they have already charged me with. That charge will be tossed out faster than you can blink because no-one, least of all David Collins, the lefty blogs and the media have realised that I did not break the law on the ex-MP case.

140 – Court may prohibit publication of names
Except as otherwise expressly provided in any enactment, a court may make an order prohibiting the publication, in any report or account relating to any proceedings in respect of an offence, of the name, address, or occupation of the person accused or convicted of the offence, or of any other person connected with the proceedings, or any particulars likely to lead to any such person’s identification.

I didn’t do that. At all. If I was to be charged with contempt for that post then Google, Wikipedia and a certain political that still has pages with his name on them as well as cached pages in the Google page would have to be charged too…oh and any government agency that sent him a letter, NZ Post for distributing it etc, etc. Still I expect I’ll see Tweedledum and Tweedledumber sometime tomorrow to issue me with a summons for the next charge.

I still wonder why the NZ Herald and the other MSM have not been charged because it was then that revealed the details of the accused the moment they linked my post to their reports or accounts relating to the proceedings in respect of an offence. It was them that did that not me. The entire MSM. I look forward to see them getting charged. I won’t hold my breath.

Meanwhile the cop shooter still has name suppression. It beggars belief. We all know the victim, poor Constable Snow, yet we still are not allowed to know the name of someone who would try to kill a cop. At the same time the Police would chase down any blogger who leaked those details in a heart beat, riddle me that.

Stay tuned for a big announcement Tuesday at 7:10am concerning this issue.