Dr Who anti-ginger?

The BBC has recieved? 143 complaints that a Dr Who episode was insulting to gingas.

Matt Smith, the new Time Lord who ?regenerated? from David Tennant in the New Year’s Day edition of the show, is seen looking at his new head of hair and saying: “Still not ginger”.

The corporation issued a statement denying that the popular series was pursuing an ?anti-ginger agenda? after parents of red-headed children complained about his first words.

?I?ve still got legs. Arms, hands, lots of fingers, eyes, hair,? said Smith, 27, after completing his regeneration from Tennant. Checking his new face, the eleventh actor to play the Doctor continued: ?I?m not a doll. I?m still not ginger.?

Parents said the episode, seen by 11 million viewers, would encourage bullying of their ginger haired children.

Oh come on, everyone knows that you don’t need encouragement to bully ginger kids, you don’t even need permission. We know that they are mutants without souls.