F-f-f-f-reezing f-f-f-ricken Cold – The Northern Hemisphere shivers

So much for global warming. This winter, a winter the UK Metservice predicted would be mild and have predicted that Britons would soon no longer remember snow at Christmas, the UK has literally been blanketed with snow and recod freezing temperatures un-heard of for more than 40 years. However the UK has now had the 25th day in a row of sub-zero temperatures.

This is where I expect the Warm-mongers to holler, “it’s a weather event”, the answer to them is phooey. If you cherry pick hot days as evidence of global warming then I can pick freezing cold record months as evidence that global warming is complete bollocks.

It isn’t just UK suffering under this massive episode of human-induced global warming freezing period. My brother in Korea reported that Seoul had been blanketed with record snow over the new year period. In Florida mantees, turtles, pythons and iguana are dropping dead from the cold. In the US more than 1200 cold and snow records were set in the past week,

In other parts of the US, cities, led by the nose by the warm-mongers who insisted on power-saving technologies to save the planet are now experiencing roading chaos anywhere they installed LED traffic lights instead of the traditional incandescent bulbs. Quite literally peoples lives are in real danger for following green idealism. Being quite litigious it is only a matter of time before Albert Gore is sitting in the dock indicted for killing someone vicariously through his mad, false panic induced by his lies and mendacity.

In fact is is highly likely that more people will be killed by Global Cooling, a natural event, than Global Warming, another natural event. In the UK it is old people who are bearing the brunt of silly gree politics as Britain freezes in record freezing tempertures. They are resorting to buying books to burn at home in order to keep warm. It is pure madness to think we can affect the climate in any particular way against nature, even more-so if the UN is in charge of the plans to mitigate the so far un-seen Global Warming.

It is time for a revolt against our politicians. A revolt against carbon trading and a revolt against carbon taxes. In New Zealand we have long suffered under the Clark regime, toadying to every whim of the UN so Helen had a bolt-hole to go to after the inevitable. The problem is that Key and National have kept on keeping on. Enough of the toadying. Enough of the bollocks. The evidence is as plain as the nose on our face that the planet isn’t warming, that we have been lied to, that we keep on being lied to. If I was Rodney Hide I would insist on taking another portfolio after he finishes his job in Auckland this year. He should take Climate Change off Nick Smith and then gut NIWA like a trout.

It is also clear that our traditional media and traditional political parties are simply captured by the system. Time for something new. Enough of the bollocks, oh and send the bill for this nonsense to the Greens. Global Warming is dead, slain not by scientists or politicians, but by nature.