Finally a Judge we can believe in

The Cop Shooter wants to stay hidden.

Don’t like his chances. At least the District Court Judge made the right call even if the pricks lawyer is appealing.

Ish Jayanadan – the lawyer of the man charged with Mr Snow’s attempted murder – argued for continued name suppression so the man’s mother, who is out of the country could be told of the charges her son faces.

Ms Jayanadan also opposed in court media coverage and said she had not received the police files on the case and the identity of the man could be important to his case.

Judge Charles Blackie said disclosure of police evidence was not due and there was no reason for the name suppression to continue.

He said he would be treating the man the same as all those who had appeared before him.

Judge Blackie said he was “not impressed” with Ms Jayanadan’s arguments and the principles of open justice applied.

He said the matter had been before the courts since December 23, when the man had a bedside court appearance at Middlemore Hospital, and there had been plenty of time to notify his mother.

Exactly, too bad, how sad. Judge Blackie should be applauded. Let’s see what happens at with the Appeal. Might be too late by then.